Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poem: Monkey too Hot

Monkey always gets too hot sipping tea in the summertime.
A cool drink is what he'd rather, but that's not refined says hippo.
Etiquette and proper tea are necessary and to be taken seriously
for polite society, and you may swim after tea, hippo says to monkey.

If we do not sip searing tea then we will not get hot, then we will not
need to swim in crocodile's pool to get cool, reasons monkey.
But hippo will not hear of it. A cup of tea and a biscuit at noon
is what we do; I cannot soon conceive of a reprieve, hippo replies.

Crocodile agrees, we cannot be cultured if we are not conventional.
Precisely, says hippo tending the tea pot and pointing to the table.
Sullen monkey stations the cups and saucers out for the three
and a box of biscuits in the middle for each to politely nibble.

Monkey is hot from sipping tea and slips from the proper into the pool.
Pretentious protocols do not appeal to monkey or appropriate actions make.
In a lapse of decorum, monkey is captured and consumed by crocodile.
Better he than me; now, that's polite society, says hippo sipping tea.